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Natural State.

We arrived in Casablanca bewildered and exhausted only to drive seven hours instead of three through the winding roads of Morocco's mountainous region, Rif. Potholes and unpaved roads accompanied us en route to Chefchaouen, the periwinkle blue city in Northern Morocco. The true nature of the blue walls still remains a mystery, however, it is predominantly in agreement that the color symbolizes the sky, heaven and keeping a spiritual nature at one's core. Although many shops and tourist focused markets, Chefchaouen is very much a small thriving town.





Wake up at 6:30 and walk around the city as the sun is rising, you will find children going to school, running through the streets in their uniforms and people on their way to work. You will also beat the crowds. The empty morning streets allow you to explore and get lost in the blue.


We quickly adapted "Salam" as a greeting instead of Hello or Bonjour.




stay. Cool down at LINA RYAD & SPA

Lina Ryad & Spa, 17 Rue Targi, Chefchaouen 91000, Morocco

This quiet little riad hidden up a flight of stairs in the midst of the town, has crisp white linens, great water pressure and a solid breakfast, perfect for the 36 hour stint one will spend in Chefchaouen.

La Petite Chefchaouen, 169 Avenue Hassan 1er Rif Andalouss, Chefchaouen 91000, Morocco

Casa La Palma, 52 M'Tilaa | Quartier Andalouss, Chefchaouen 91000, Morocco

Riad Dar Echchaouen, Route Ras El Ma , Quartier El Onsar, Chefchaouen 19000, Morocco

Dar Wadada, Loubar Foukia, Chefchaouen, Morocco

La Botica de la Abuela Aladdin  , a two story mecca for soaps and fabric woven baskets.

La Botica de la Abuela Aladdin, a two story mecca for soaps and fabric woven baskets.

Shopping in Chefchaouen. The town only takes a few hours to traverse and there are an abundance of little shops. Chefchaouen is quite remote and most items are produced right within the town or in villages nearby. The best items to purchase were spices, soaps, and the colorful woven containers with pointed lids. La Botica de la Abuela Aladdin, is one of the best shops to buy from but anywhere along the blue hued you can stop into a local vendor and try your luck. Many of the stands also sell color pigments in large vats which you cannot find in the other cities for as cheap or in such wide variety. 





La Botica de la Abuela AladdinChefchaouen 91000, Morocco

Local Berbere Artisanal,  23 Derb Bab El Moukaf - Quartier Souika, Chefchaouen 91000, Morocco

Dar Moulay Idriss, 15 Rue Bin Souaki | Corner, Chefchaouen 91000, Morocco






However, the best place we found was driving from Casablanca to there are many small rest stops with a plethora of hand woven items, hats, bags and fresh olives and juices. Everything at these outposts are a fraction of the price of even the bazaar. Support your local businesses. On the Road to Chefchaouen, set in the hills if you drive from Casablanca, you will find this divine little shopping. We never found hats or bags of this quality again on the trip and they were about five dollars for each piece. They also have fresh olives and drinks to enjoy while shopping and negotiating. Please click the Pin on your map and save to coordinates to your phone in order to arrive at this destination. 

Coordinates: 35.033634, -5.475547

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Aladdin Restaurant17 Rue Targi, Chefchaouen 91000, Morocco

Cafe Sofia, Place Outa Hammam Khadarine Escalier Roumani, Chefchaouen 91000, Morocco

Lala Mesouda, Avenue Hassan Awal, Chefchaouen 91000, Morocco


The orange tree next to the Antique Shop. The beautiful building in the back is a tomb for a certain holy man. Unwed and infertile women come here to pray for a man or an egg by offering chickens. This is me praying.