Natural State.

The name of the town, Myvatn derives from the two words, the first {My} or Midge fly, an insect that has dominated the area for centuries, and {vatn} means lake in Icelandic. As we arrived after the first snow storm of the season, we did not manage to see these territorial flies, we did, however, visit the lake. Many times in fact, as it remains the epicenter of the town. The lake as well as the nearby river Laxa, are both protected natural sites within the Mývatn-Laxá Nature Conservation Area. The town of Myvatn is located in the top right corner of the country and therefore appeared to be the most desolate location visited, the snowstorm lended to that and created a moonscape fit for Luke Skywalker. The activities here change drastically from season to season and we were very lucky to see this snow so early. The entire area is Volcanic and active, the lake in fact was created 2300 years ago due to an eruption. The main volcanos in the area are Krafla and Hverfjall with craters you can actually hike to. While at the less crowded geo-thermal hot springs, I noticed the Icelandic pledge for tourists which can be found below, I thought it was a very nice declaration of not only the care and respect you have when visited Iceland, but anything for that matter. And so, I carry it with me.


Thermal Baths, Jarðbaðshólar, 660 Mývatn, Iceland a much smaller, less crowded, more natural version of the blue lagoon, almost great merch like volcano short and aurora borealis one piece bathing suits

Hverir Geo-Thermal Geisers, NE-2 660, 660 Grand Island, Iceland felt like I was back in Yellowstone! Cool sulphuric reactions, crazy sounds and stinky smells, its a grand old time!

Lake Mývatn View Point, Rte 1, Reykjahlidh, Iceland you will drive up, through, down and around this lake the entire time you are in town, but this is the best view point.

Hofdi Nature Preserve, better in when there is not snow on the ground!

Myflug Air Tours, take a puddle jumper around for an aerial view of Myvatn, the Hverfjall crater and its epic landscape - FYI tours run from March to September only!

Hverfjall Volcano/Crater, volcano with massive crater that you can hike around, hiker’s trail begins here.


Get in the car, and drive from Skaftafell to the small town of Höfn, you can spend the night here or stop in for lunch at the Pakkus restaurant, a breath of fresh air when it comes to decor. FYI there are much cuter towns ahead, so we stuck it out and managed the 6 hour drive from Skaftafell to Myvatn via Hofn, and it was quite the diverse adventure.. you wall pass kinds of terrain, breath taking dark turquoise waters, caramel brown mountains with white tops, massive green and brown gorges, and finally a highway of snow only fit for the abominable snowman or once again whitewalkers. Drive safe, drive slow and put on some great tunes.. Once you arrive in Myvatn here is what you can do:


Mývatn Activity - Hike and Bike , Reykjahlíð, 660 Reykjahlíð, Iceland wanna hike or bike around Myvatn contact these people

Grjótagjá Cave, John Snow did it in the cave with that wildling girl, you cannot because it is no longer allowed, not doing it.. but going inside the waters of the geo-thermal is not allowed as the temperature cannot be controlled, unless getting boiled alive is…what you’re into

Krafla Lava Fields, you can sometimes still see the lava under the rocks in these fields passed the Krafla Power Plant, which looks like a base camp for Darth Vader

Goðafoss Waterfall & Dettifoss Waterfall both amazing waterfalls, we didnt go to Dettifoss due to the roads but Godafoss was absolutely epic

If you want to know what being cool is like check out these vids of me and my best friend Daisy @daisyjohnsonny … you know it..



Icelandair Hotel Myvatn, Reynihlid, 660 Mývatn, Iceland not to be confused with Hotel Myvatn, Skútustaðir 2, 660 Mývatn, Iceland which we drove to by accident and is also a lovely hotel, has been around for twenty years.

Fosshotel Mývatn, or as I like to call it, the Aman of Iceland, as we approached it, we weren’t sure what it was but it looked amazing.

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