The land before time is an understatement. Get in the car and head to Vik, the southern most town in Iceland. We drove the perimeter of the entire country, less the western fjords. When it comes to battle and adventure, sometimes it is best to go head first into the trenches. In this case, the trenches are tourism. No matter what the instagrammers show you, the southern coast of Iceland is FLOODED with tourism, but you can always find your way by going off the beaten track, waking up early, and avoiding the massive tour buses. As they say, the only way out is through, and once you have seen some of the amazing majesty in this region, you drive through it and enter into a whole new world and climate, free of tourism. But until then, enjoy our first stop, Vik! Vik holds many of nature’s resplendent treasures, such as: the largest lava fields in the world, one of the most beautiful basalt beaches in the world, a waterfall the size of Zeus’s shower head and a canyon that rips through the earth. You may feel like a god when you are here, but be careful this nature is not to be trifled with. We are still but small humans on this active and magnificent planet.

DO. go chase waterfalls,

and lava fields..

First stop will be..

Seljalandsfoss, epic waterfall comes with a huge parking lot, for all the visitors. You can walk under the waterfall and then continue further to Gljúfrabúi another waterfall next door which most tourists and too lazy to walk to. Experience the Disneyland attraction but keep on keeping on to Gljúfrabúi. Shopping Note: prior to arriving at waterfall stop in a the Thingborg Wool Workshop

Next stop on the road to life..

Reynisdrangar, a beach with exquisite basalt column wall under a mountain, about as epic as it gets

Eldhraun, the largest lava field in the world.. covered in moss, one of the most humbling things I have ever witnessed

Fjaðrárgljúfur, two million year old river canyon.. anyone?



and don’t forget Gljúfrabúi the other waterfall down the road



Thingborg Wool Workshop, Gamla Þingborg, 801 Selfoss, Iceland come here to learn about the Lopeysa sweater, an Icelandic staple typically knitted by mothers and grandmother’s passed down to their daughters. This collective gathers wool from a specific breed of sheep and all the knitters are women. I looked everywhere in Iceland at the different versions of these sweaters and this was by FAR the highest quality. You also can get a tax refund at the airport! Stop in on your way to the waterfalls! The lady is a bit stoic who works there, to put it lightly, but screw it the product is incredible.

UNA local Products, Austurvegi 4, Hvolsvöllur,, Hvolsvöllur, Iceland also just down the road you can find a buffet of local goods at UNA. Everything from beauty products, blankets and bow ties.



Sudur Vik, Suðurvegur 1, 870 Vík-Handelssted, Iceland the main restaurant if you are staying in town. Artic char is great, salads too and pizzzaaaaa!

Hótel Kría Sléttuvegur 12-14, 870 Vík, hotel by day, great restaurant for night

When in doubt hit the local Gas Station for snacks, they always have a good assortment and are as expensive as a michelin starred restaurant

Halldorskaffi, Víkurbraut, Vík, Iceland

Black Beach Restaurant, Islandia, Reynishverfisvegur, 871 Vík, Iceland

Strondin Bistro and Bar, Þjóðvegur, Vík, Iceland


The Airbnb We Stayed In easy, no frills, in the middle of nowhere but booked last minute, we were happy $119

Hótel Kría, Sléttuvegur 12-14, 870 Vík, Iceland gorgeous, stoic, modern, everything you want in a man but it’s a hotel, great restaurant too $200

Icelandair Hotel Vik, Klettsvegi 1, 870 Vík, Iceland part of the Icelandair chain around the country, always clean, cool, reliable $160

Hunkubakkar Guesthouse, Ferðaþjónustan Hunkubökkum, 880 Kirkjubæjarklaustur, Iceland cute little guesthouse next to the Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon $100